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Since the establishment of our company in 1980, Al Hamad group of factories proved to be one of the leading suppliers and competitors within the Saudi Arabian market and ever still expanding the development and expertise of our team & facilities all over the Kingdom with cutting edge technologies and business methodologies. Looking at where we started and where the company stands in one of the most competitive market segments makes me proud for being a part of this journey.

Without the ingenuity of employees, no great company would have gotten to where it is now and the same applies at Al Hamad Factories. After putting in a lot of effort and facing numerous obstacles, we realized that with the best team of professionals gathered at our company, we can accomplish everything we set our minds to if we have the desire.  

Provided with the trust of the biggest clients in the Kingdom, you can rest assured that Al Hamad group of factories will deliver the best value and quality of products. Our suppliers and production lines are picked and engineered carefully to extract the very best end product for delivering on our promises. 

Higher Quality Products

Our Promise? The best quality products on the market.

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Our commitment and dedication to the daily needs of our consumers empowers us to work towards our goals by expanding our horizon and accessibility to shape the life of tomorrow.


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Developing innovative solutions to serve both our customers and workforce. 

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