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IN 1980


The mission at Al Hamad Factories is to be one of the Kingdom’s leading manufacturers and providers of disposables & Hygienic purposed products on the market. By using our Golden brand & supplying our main clients with their own private labels, we aim to differentiate our services & consumer products by further developing our facilities to continue delivering on our promise of providing the best quality products.


At Al Hamad Factories, we envision to expand our accessibility globally to be the best-in-class partner for industrial and manufacturing services by meeting the daily demands & exceeding expectations of our consumers and partners.


Teamwork, Customer-centricity, Innovation & Passion are the core values adhered by at Al Hamad group of factories to guarantee providing top-notch services to both our clients and workforce on a daily basis.



Where it all started

Al Hamad group of Factories originated in 1980 in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, where it first engaged within the market as a trading company offering hygienic disposable items such facial tissues, kitchen towels, toilet towels, napkins, garbage bags, table covers, aluminum foils, cling films, and more.

After thoroughly studying and understanding the market & the specific demands of customers over the years, Al Hamad management opted to launch their own factories to manufacture higher quality products to satisfy the needs of valued partners.


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First-class Manufacturing Services

Spread across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Al Hamad group of Factories is widely known as the leading manufacturer of Hygienic goods and disposable products where its Golden brand is considered to be among the best.

Additionally, it is responsible for importing and manufacturing a variety of other private label consumer goods for Al Hamad’s main partners.


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Among the top 100 Companies in KSA

  • Al Hamad Factory for Aluminum Foil

This facility, along with all of its sister factories, is located in Dammam’s second Industrial City. The plant produces a variety of aluminum foil products for use within all households and also specifically set up with the catering industry specs in mind.

The factory is outfitted with pioneering technology and well-trained employees to deliver the highest quality end products. All products are handled and packed automatically in a sterile and hygienic environment. The factory also manufactures aluminum products under various client brands.

  • Al Hamad Factory for Paper

This facility manufactures a variety of paper products such as facial tissues, kitchen towels, toilet paper, paper napkins, maxi rolls, industrial towels (Brown Paper), C-Fold towels, and more. This manufacturing facility is also located in the second industrial city of Dammam and is equipped with fully automatic machinery operating in a safe and hygienic environment by professionals.

 Al Hamad Factory for Paper also undertakes mutually agreed on contracts from different clients to produce their own products under their own brand name and design apart from the in-house Golden brand.



Decades passed, Still growing

After 4 decades, Al Hamad Factories has grown into a group of companies that manufacture and market a variety of paper, plastic, and aluminum products. The Group’s significant diversification has allowed it to enter a wide range of markets, which are organized into distinct business units. To this day, Al Hamad group continues to employ the same management style that it established at the outset, one that is built on mutual trust with clients, open lines of communication, and seamless collaboration between locations and internal divisions.