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Reza Hygiene is a one-stop provider of Hygiene & Cleaning solutions for all industries, especially the food chain from farm to fork, Healthcare and Commerce. Solutions are wide-ranging, innovative and sustainable, with the company taking a highly responsible approach to chemicals. Reza Hygiene has pioneered the use of highly effective new green chemical technologies in the housekeeping and industrial cleaning sectors, providing products that enable its clients to meet environmental standards, including LEED accreditation.

Saudi Marketing Company (SAMCO)

Saudi Marketing Company is one of the leading companies in the fields of retail, trading, and importing in Saudi Arabia. It was established in 1978 with its very first chain "Farm Superstores", which is located in Dammam, Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. SAMCO now leads a chain of 90 branches spread across the Kingdom while having 17 mini markets serving prestigious and exclusive residential complexes, with plans to further expand its stores. We believe in guaranteeing top quality for the best value, while providing a variety of products which c

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Headquartered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Panda Retail Company is one of the main retail chain businesses in the Middle East and the biggest grocery retailer in the country with more than 200 stores in 44 cities. Panda operates 2 type of stores, Hyper Panda (larger stores) and Panda Supermarkets. With more than 120 million customers visiting our stores every year, we operate 4 main distribution centers in the country with a fleet of more than 650 trucks to deliver 70,000 SKUs of food and non-food products to our stores. Since 2009, Panda has also introduced more than 400 private label products to serve our customers as a trusted retailer of choice in a number of food and non-food categories. Over 18,000 employees work with dedication and commitment that is second to none in order to cater to the shopping needs of our customers.

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is a Saudi Arabia-based joint stock company, currently operating in Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Its main activities are food wholesaling, grocery stores, and malls. As of 2017 the company operated 183 stores: - 143 supermarkets and hypermarkets, 27 convenience stores, and 13 wholesale outlets in Saudi Arabia, and 31 stores in Egypt. By 2008, Abdullah AlOthaim Markets had completed the transformation from a private company to a publicly listed company. Forbes Middle-East selected AlOthaim Markets among the 100 largest public companies in the Middle-East.

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